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February 17, 2011 / cheek'd

Have You Been Cheek’d?


Did you see your dream girl last night while you were hanging out at your local bar watching the game? Were you to afraid to approach her? Were you worried about being rejected in front of your friends? If you deal with the overwhelming feeling of fear when trying to approach women or if you are simply a social coward, there is a new way of linking you with that hot girl that just caught your eye. It’s called Cheek’d.

Cheek’d is a way of connecting you to that intriguing stranger who just sparked your interest.
Because sometimes it’s better to let a card do the talking for you, Cheek’d provides members with a deck of 50 cards, each bearing a flirtatious comment to charm and pique the curiosity of your intended. Also on the card, is your unique code linked to a private online profile that you’ve created. With card in hand, the object of your affection can enter your unique code at, learn more about you and send you a message. Privacy protected and missed connection averted.
There is a 50-50 chance your dream girl will log on to out of curiosity. The other possibility is that she will think you are a weirdo and ditch the card. Your approach can increase or decrease your odds.

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